Improve SEO & PageSpeed by 50% or more. No coding required.

Automate your technical SEO optimization and improve PageSpeed.
oyato cloud improves the PageSpeed of your websites, Angular, Vue, React SPAs, social media & search engine indexability and user experience.
All automated. No coding required.

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Original Site Results

5Performance56Best Practices87SEO

Oyato Optimized Results

100Performance100Best Practices100SEO

How it works

  • You proxy your React/Vue/Angular/etc. SPA or website written in any framework or language through our servers.
  • We use Google-recommended dynamic rendering techniques and other best practices to optimize your pages and images.
  • We cache and serve it from our servers.
  • You get faster loading pages, better SMO & SEO, search engine indexability and better user experience.
  • Best of all: it's all automated with no coding required.


  • Plug & Play

    Connect your website to the oyato cloud and go. No coding. No switching frameworks.

  • Dynamic Rendering

    Never worry about search engine indexing again with our on-demand dynamic rerendering (SSR & SSG).

  • Image Optimization

    Pages load faster with modern image formats like WebP that can reduce image sizes by up to 90%.

  • Responsive Image Resizing

    With responsive image resizing, you no longer need to manually resize your images.

  • Free HTTPS/SSL

    HTTPS means securely transporting content to your users and potentially improved search ranking.

  • Optimized Font Loading

    Faster loading fonts don't just mean faster loading. It also reduces flash of invisible text.

  • Unbiased Caching

    If our servers can cache it, rest assured it will be cached, regardless of the type of file.

  • Custom and Domains

    Bring all your own domain names or use some of our free subdomains.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

    Focus on creating your content and leave the web serving and bandwidth costs to us.