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oyato cloud improves the SEO, PageSpeed, social & search indexability and user experience of your websites, React / Angular / Vue / Javascript SPAs.
By 50% or more. All automated. No coding required.

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Oyato Optimized Results

100 Performance 100 Best Practices 100 SEO

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5 Performance 56 Best Practices 67 SEO


Plug & Play

Connect your website to the oyato cloud and go. No coding. No switching frameworks.

Dynamic Rendering

Never worry about search engine indexing again with our on-demand dynamic rerendering (SSR & SSG).

Image Optimization

Pages load faster with modern image formats like AVIF and WebP that can reduce image sizes by up to 90%.

Responsive Image Resizing

With responsive image resizing, you no longer need to manually resize your images.

Automatic HTTPS Certificates

HTTPS means securely transporting content to your users and potentially improved search ranking.

Optimized Font Loading

faster loading fonts don't just mean faster loading. It also reduces flash of invisible text and improved user experience.

Unbiased Caching

If our servers can cache it, rest assured it will be cached, regardless of the type of file.

Custom and Domains

Bring all your own domain names or use some of our free subdomains.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Focus on creating your content and leave the web serving and bandwidth costs to us.
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